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    Jason Rodriguez
    Web Developer
    I am an Drupal/RoR/JS web developer living in Portland, Oregon.
  • Trained in TDD
    Agile Development

Hello folks! My name is Jason Rodriguez.

I’m a Brooklyn, NY native, Portland-based Web Developer. I love to build things so if you like things to be built, drop me a line, let's chat. My Non-Billable activities include hiking, Korean dramas, Starcraft and sci-fi of any type! Trek in the park anyone?

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My Powered Desk
My Desk

Life as a toad..

It is funny how many people learn to program in one language and when they get their first gig, they usually end up coding in a competely different language to met the needs of various clients. That is one of the best things about programming, it is a never ending learning. experience!

PowerPoint or Bust
Starcraft Powerpoint

PowerPoint or Bust

Does anyone even use PowerPoint anymore? I am not entirely sure.. one thing I do know though is, you're no dork until you make one of these badboys. Thats right, a Starcraft PowerPoint. Don't hate.

Foster Parent Night Out
FNPO kitchen duty

Foster Parent Night Out

This is one of the most meaningful things that I do. Kids who need mentoring and someone who cares. I wouldn't trade it for anything, real talk.

Have Computer, Will Code

You can't live this twice so go all in!

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NDA's and all that but hey, here are some cats: